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Grant Recipients


The Flin Flon Friendship Centre began providing services in our community in 1966. They are a community based charitable organization accessing opportunities to enhance quality of life, support self – determined activities and endorse cultural identity and preservation. 
Their project this year is to assist with costs at “The Shelter Program.” This program provides a means for individuals who are unsheltered to access a safe space and remove themselves from the elements of the weather.

Association for Community Living, also known as the Vocational Training Centre
The Vocational Training Centre is an organization dedicated to the full inclusion of persons of all ages who live with an intellectual disability. They run a second hand store and provide personal programming, both educational and recreational. The VTC roof is in excess of 30 years old and in need of repair. The grant will be used to install new shingles and eaves trough in order to gain a leak free building. 

Snow Lake Canada Day Committee / Town of Snow Lake 
The Canada Day Committee was established in approximately 1986. The main goal of the committee is to promote Community togetherness and inclusion They will be receiving funding for Mobi mats on their main beach. These mats are made to assist people with disabilities, walkers or parents with strollers, making the beach accessible for all.

Inclusion Saskatchewan’s “Tell It Like It Is” program is aimed at assisting diverse learners and the people that support them in making life choices that promote optimal wellness in all aspects of life. They will be receiving funding tonight for facilitator training for people who work directly with those who have intellectual disabilities. This is to equip them with the resources to support those with intellectual disabilities to understand their feelings, make decisions, and safely engage in relationships.

Legion Senior Housing
The Legion Housing is a 55+ Senior Housing Complex that has 30 apartments. It is home to 36 of Flin Flon Seniors. They opened in 1986 and promote active and healthy independent living for Seniors in our community. They will be adding at AED to building to give at risk tenants and visitors peace of mind.

Denare Beach Recreation Department
The Denare Beach Recreation department is here to promote sport , culture and recreation in our community for both adults and children. With our long winter season approaching, the recreation department would like to renovate their bunk room that is used for kids to put their skates on and warm up on cold winter days. This will involve new paint, shelving and organizational furnishings.

Lords Bounty Food Bank
The Lords Bounty Food Bank has been serving our community for 30 years. Aside from food assistance, they offer ID clinics, tax preparation, vaccinations, work place advisors and mental health nurses. The Food Bank building has some safety issues with their exterior entry way. The cement is deteriorating and causing a tripping hazard. These grant funds will help to repair this area as well as the addition of water barrier to divert melting snow from pooling there.

Rotary Senior Housing
The Rotary Senior Housing is a 55 plus housing complex with 19 suites. It was established in the 60s and serves as one of the few Senior Housing apartments in our area. They have been working diligently to renovate and upgrade the buildings as they are aging and in need of repair. This grant will be used to replace the old shingles on the buildings and completing their roofing project.

The Womans Safe Haven and Resource Centre
The Safe Haven opened in 1997 and the purpose of the organization is to help woman and children who are fleeing gender based violence. The centre helps the clients to feel safe and start their lives over while giving them a temporary place to stay and assisting with finding new living arragments.
The grant money will go to purchasing a tower garden and supplies. This will assist the clients will fresh fruits and vegetables and encouraging a healthy lifestyle

The Denare Beach Fire Department 
Services the Denare Beach area as well as assisting Flin Flon and Creighton Fire Departments. They are trained in Search and Rescue as well as Fire and Ice Rescue. They will be using their funds to purchase a search and rescue sleigh. With the ATV conversion kit, it will be usable in both winter or summer and it is large enough for the ambulance attendant as well as the patient on a stretcher to be transported together.

Nemihitowok Hoop Troupe with Granny Willow
Granny Willow combines hoop dance teaching, the Circle of Life teaching, the seven sacred teachings, story telling, as well as cultural teachings through puppets, books, in person and via utube.
Her funding will go towards the purchase of new books, puppets and supplies

The Flin Flon Ski Club 
Was founded in 1956 and its purpose is to develop and maintain a facility and ski trails that will provide an opportunity for community members to safely participate in the healthy lifetime activity of cross country skiing. They will be receiving a grant tonight for the purchase of a portable AED to be kept in the club house in case of emergency.

Cranberry Portage Artisan Market 
Is located in Cranberry Portage at the Heritage Museum. It is a place for Northern artisans to showcase and sells their products. It also allows a place for people to gather and watch entertainment or enjoy the food and products that are for sale. 
The grant tonight is to refurbish a canteen bar so vendors will have a beautiful space to sell their food from 

St Annes is located on the corner of Centre st and Hwy 10 and been a part of our community since 1929. Besides being the spiritual home for local Catholics, they also support many local clubs and activities that bring people together to build community. St Annes building has been the site for many community events for The Arts Council, Rotary Club, SPCA, Community Choir and numerous more.They will be receiving funds to establish a community garden. This garden would work in partnership with the Lords Bounty Food bank. Clients of the food bank would be encouraged to use the garden program at St Annes if they are living in that area, making for easier access for them. Additionally food will be shared with the Best beginnings program as well as the local Senior Housing Complexes.

Flin Flon Crieghton Area Pickle Ball Club
The club is relatively new to the area, starting in 2016, but with pickle ball being an incredibly fast growing sport in Canada, it is sure to be around for a long while. The pickle ball club has secured a cement pad from the City of the development of new courts. Tonight they will receive funding for 4 new removable nets for there courts. 

Hapnot Collegiate Phys Ed Dept 
The Phys Ed department is looking to revamp the Fitness Centre at Hapnot School. This provides balanced programming that will motivate students to lead healthy and active lifestyles, both now and in the future. They will be receiving funds to assist in the purchase of a new Matrix Versa Functional Trainer 

The Town of Creighton
The purpose of Creighton Recreation is to provide sport, recreation and cultural activities to the community at low or no cost. The recreation department will be renovating the Broderick park bunk. There will be new boards in stalled giving it a real hockey board feel. This bunk can also be used for ball hockey, pickle ball and other outdoor games 

Norman Community Services
The purpose of this organization is to provide services of care to persons in our community that have intellectual disablilities. The goal is to assist these people to live independently in their home and in the community to their fullest potential. This grant will be used to send one person to Winnipeg to become a Non-violent Crisis Intervention Instructor. They will then be able to come home and train the remaining staff here.The second grant they will be receiving is to replace drafty doors and windows on their house on Boam st . This house is used for clients to live in a group home setting. 

Ecole McIsaac school Child Nutrition Enhancement will be purchasing a refrigerated vending machine that will offer healthy lunch food choices for students at a minimal cost. The machine will help to address a need of food security for students, while reducing the staff required to deliver a lunch program 

Kiddie Korner Daycare
Is a nonprofit organization that opened in our community in 1977. Its goal is to provide quality care to our families while offering a warm and friendly place for our children to learn and have fun. These grant funds will be used towards the development of a sensory room. This is a therapeutic space designed to assist children in organizing, calming, relaxing and seeking out sensory information. This will also assist in limiting and reducing disruptive behaviors in the centre thereby creating a better work / learning environment 

Community Adult Learning Centre
The Adult Learning Centre opened in 1992. Its goal is to provide and support the development of adult focused programming in literacy, numeracy, document use , workshop skills and GED.  Their grant funds will be used to promote Relevancy in Computer Skills for Seniors and help offset their cost to attend, bus transportation for those that require, computer skills programming and GED testing.

The City Flin Flon
The City of Flin Flon will be purchasing new gym equipment and physical literacy tools such as balance equipment, tumbling mats and lava tiles. This will enhance their “Fit Kids, Healthy Kids” program which is in place to promote active and healthy living while strengthening familial bonds and friendships

The Channing recreation Committee was formed in 2008 by a small group of like minded people looking to revive the beach area and playground. This years funds are going to be used to purchase Mobi Mats. These mats will allow people with mobility issues easier access to the beach. The mats allow wheelchairs, walkers and strollers a sturdy foundation to be used on making the beach area accessible to all