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Grant Recipients


Flin Flon Arts Council for the Norva Centre – The Norva Centre’s goal is to provide an attractive learning environment for participation and learning in the visual arts for families, children, and artists of all demographics. The donation of $4575 from NNF will go towards the purchase of standing easels, upgraded tools for volunteers, vacuum and well as storage for media.

Flin Flon Arts Council For Pineroot Mural Festival - This is a new annual event that focuses on creating , murals and showcasing visual arts in Flin Flon and surrounding communities. Their mission is to promote local arts and culture, develop skills for local artists, enhance our spaces and assist in promoting tourism , This years project includes a giant mural on the library that will represent the history of the community. A glimpse of the archives and literacy. The NNF has granted them $5000 from the Smart and Caring fund.

The Flin Flon Pottery Club is looking to purchase a new kiln. The new Kiln is needed as the kiln would be a massive improvement on the kiln used now. There is a difference in the voltage. Most small kilns are designed for 240v power. This means they are never able to draw adequate currant. This diminishes the potential usefulness and lifespan. NNF grants them $4750 for a new kiln from the Smart and Caring Fund

The Town of Creighton, Community Centre is a non profit built in 1953. The purpose of the Community Centre is to provide a place for area residents to hold functions at a reasonable cost. The Centre is operated by Board members and volunteers. The grant money in the sum of $21177 from NNF will be used to replace the chairs ( purchased in 1973 ) and to install sneeze guards to protect volunteers and patrons. 

The Flin Flon Bombers are in need of new Broadcast equipment and cameras. A grant in the sum of $13000 will be given so they may obtain this. By doing so , they will be better able to promote athletes as well as add better access to viewing for families and friends

The Rotary Club of Flin Flon has had affordable Senior Housing in our Community for over 55 years. Unfortunately, the buildings are in need of an upgrade. There are 5 furnaces and dust work to be replaced . The funds granted by NNF ($20000) would allow for the replacement of these furnces and help with the cost of the duct work. This in turn helps with the heating and air quality for the Senior tenants.

Inclusion Saskatchewan is holding a work shop virtually. The mission of their organization is to ensure that citizens who have intellectual disabilities are valued , supported and included members of society and have opportunities and choices in all aspects of life.
This workshop promotes the use of Motivational Interviewing as an effective, nonjudgmental way to talk to people with intellectual disabilities about behavioral change. NNF is granting $2000 to help with this project.

Denare Beach Rec Board is looking to purchase 2 new hockey nets for their outdoor bunk. Many youth spend their spare time on the bunk. Some of the children are unable to afford league play or do not have transportation to the nearest rink 16 kms away. This bunk allows all children to play at no cost and is in walking distance from anywhere in Denare Beach. This provides a safe area and great physical outlet for the children. NNF is granting $2000 towards this project.

Norman Community Services purpose is to provide services of care to intellectually disabled persons in our community. They provide staff to guide the participants and help them to live independently in their home and in the community to their fullest potential. NNF has granted $5448.13 to purchase a new fridge, washer and dryer for the tenants.  

Creighton Community Day Care is a charitable nonprofit organization committed to providing quality care for families in our community. They are looking to upgrade their appliances ( dishwasher, Stove, washer and dryer). The NNF has granted them # 3825.06 towards new appliances that will be purchased from a local supplier.

Vocational Training Centre is receiving a grant for $3270.40. This will be to purchase 2 tower gardens. They would like to promote healthy living for their participants. With the gardens, they would be able to implement fresh produce into their lunch program while teaching the participants to grow and tend to produce. 

Adapted Life Skills is a class in Hapnot Collegiate. Most participants have social and self confidence issues that get in the way of them participating in group activities. Having access to a treadmill that is not in the gym and in front of 20 other students would give them the privacy and encouragement they need . NNF has granted $5178.05 for the purchase of a commercial treadmill.

Freedom Outreach Inc is a Christian based residential Centre focused on helping men deal with overcoming their drug and alcohol addictions. The program is in need of new mattresses for the residents. A tired and uncomfortable resident makes for a poor student. NNF is granting $ 4995. For the purchase of these mattresses. 

The Snow Lake Seniors Centre is used in the Snow Lake community in many ways. First is a place where Seniors can interact through 
games, cards, shuffle board etc as well as a place for fellowship. The Centre is also used by many other local organizations 
as a place to gather. The NNF has awarded them a grant of $2500 for repairs to the bathrooms 

Snow Lake Resource Centre provides counselling services for those in the Snow Lake region. They share a wall with the daycare centre and would like to sound proof the office to add privacy to very delicate conversations. NNF has granted $1649.43 to this project.

The Lords Bounty Food Bank has been in operation in our community for over 30 years. They provide food services, ID clinics, community gardens , tax services and much more. The roof of their building is in need of repair. It requires new shingles and replacement of missing and damaged fascia. NNF has granted $7500 to this project 

The Legion Senior Housing in a 30 unit Senior Housing Unit in Flin Flon. The parking lot connecting to the sidewalk has a substantial drop to it. They would like to put in a cement ramp to better help their tenants move freely and safely around the area. NNF has granted $1700 to this project